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Bernard Gast is an artist in plastic arts. He conceived a beautiful cover for my cd "Back to jazz".
Here, you may appreciate some of his works.

You might appreciate his last works on his new site : www.bernardgast.com

Frozen image or visible made visible

Bernard Gast carves the body of time as Seth carved the body of Osiris,
and as Isis he puts it back together.
Raphaël Loison

Depuis l'enfance A ce point de rencontre Petit cercle L'ange vole Rouge Alouette Entre l'amour et la lumière Le souffle Le baiser My love for you L'enfant enfanter Nature Nature III Une seconde de vent dans les frondaisons L'enfant bleu L'enfant orange L'enfant lumière Peinture II Le premier sentiment est la joie


My works are made on ektachrom films. To reach the screen of your computer they have been scanned and numerized Their quality is, then, less than in their original form.

Three ways to show my work :
Projection Ð Light boxes Ð Prints