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Thanks for your help and support, Raphaël. This album is dedicated to you and to my loving daughter, Alicia.
Two people who always have faith in me.
Stevie said it all, "You are the Sunshine of my life"

A BB (Big Bravo) to Poland Chammougom, my accompanist since 1998. He brings his own special touch to each performance.

Producer : Manda Djinn
Music arranged and played by Roland Chammougom
Background vocals arranged and sung by Roland Chammougom
Sound engineer : Ahmed Tahraoui - 43 rue Marjolin - 92300 Levallois-Perret
Artistic guidance : Raphaël Loison
Cover photo : La Lanterne magique - 6 rue Mouton-Duvernet - 75014 Paris
Graphics : Adneyd Image
Contact : Raphaël Loison -
personal statement
- personal statement -
1. Sorry, I never knew you Traditionnel
2. Someone who Manda Djinn
3. In the garden C. Austin Miles
4. Let my people go Traditionnel
5. Never too late M.Djinn, R.Chammougom
6. Kumbaya Traditionnel
7. Jesus, I'll never forget S.Crain
8. I saw the light Traditionnel
9. Yes I am Rebecca Venture
10. Personal statement M.Djinn, R.Chammougom
11. I believe Stillman/Drake

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